Our Department

Bella Rose Medical Center

Bella Rose Medical Center provides the best standards of medical care in the United Arab Emirates, as it includes a selection of medical staff and the latest technologies used in therapeutic and cosmetic services.
Bella Rose Medical Center is equipped with the highest level of medical technology and has a highly qualified team of specialists.

Our Doctors

Dr. Marwa Ramadan

Dentist Doctor

Dr. Kinan Alchurbaji

Medical Director
General Dentist

Dr. Rana Ghazi

General dentist

Dr. Abdulrahman Hamwia

General dentist

Dr. Nahel Hilal

Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Radwa Atwa


Dr. Hibaq Othman

Hijama Therapist

Dr. Ola Aldriny


Dr. Wael M Henidi


Dr. Amina Marouf